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Burbank Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services


When it comes to finding an effective drug abuse intervention program, it is important to find a facility that provides its patients with a full continuum of care.

Drug Intervention Program

A drug Intervention program is a vital part of the rehabilitation process. It helps addicts who cannot get into a treatment program because addiction has clouded their rational thinking. Our Burbank intervention program is designed to confront the addict and convince them to accept treatment. Drug Intervention programs help addicts realize that it is time for them to get into a drug rehab program and reclaim their life.

The decision to go into recovery resides within each individual addict.  An intervention will put the addict in a safe space where they are surrounded by love ones. This often helps the addict to see the importance of treatment, not just for themselves, but for their loved ones as well.

Burbank Intervention Program


A Drug intervention program is more effective for addicts who have never been through an intervention or in a rehabilitation facility before.

There are different types of interventions. There are family interventions, teen interventions, emergency and even workplace interventions.

Most interventions programs are arranged by family members and or close friends or even colleagues.

In our Burbank intervention program. We use specific help that is needed which can include therapy with both the patient and the patient’s family.

Questions Asked During Intervention Programs

Our Interventionists will ask family members questions related to the patient’s addiction patterns, behavior and day to day problems. This is done in order to learn more about his or her history and to tailor questions that will produce relevant answers. With this feedback the interventionist will be able to devise a plan for the intervention. These makes it possible to find the best rehab treatment plan for the addict going into recovery.


To simplify the answer of “is intervention programs effective” and do drug interventions Program really work, the answer is yes, but not always.

Addicts are more likely to see treatment when an intervention occurs. But of course, an intervention program doesn’t determine how successful they’ll be in their recovery. Most time, intervention can be difficult because they’re often the last resort after every other avenue has been exhausted to help an addict. So at that point, it is believed that the person is probably very deep in their addiction.

At the same time, when someone undergoes an intervention it can allow them to see that they have a support system and people who love them. Which is a critical component of a successful recovery from drug or alcoholic addiction. Families may not define the success of an intervention program immediately their love ones enter into treatment either.

To sum up, it’s all based on the individuals, but following a plan and implementing certain steps can increase the chances of success.